Post Trip Review

After 10 quite eventful days, we have finally ventured back state side!  I've learned many things in my experiences roaming around the country of Costa Rica.  Some minor but notable lessons and some that made an actual impact on my view of the world.  

Upon our arrival, I immediately learned that considering myself an American is obviously offensive due to the fact that we're still in the Americas!  Being the egotistical American that I am, I had never even considered the fact that these people were only in Central American and that they are in fact American's as well.  This would only be one of many instances that I found out just how careless American's are to their land and their neighboring countries. 

Costa Rica was such an interesting country to venture around.  They're sense of their surroundings is so rich in the way they care for their piece of the Earth.  They are heavy into the agriculture industry and practice various ways of being sustainable.  They use living fences for cattle, actually use pieces of the fruit they harvest to use as fertilizer for that same crop, and even do a lot of things by hand to cut back on their carbon footprint when it comes to vehicle emissions.  

I did not realize that we'd be visiting so many different places within the country and I'm so glad we did.  We got to visit both sides of the mountain range and even got to see some of its beaches along the Pacific Coast.  Seeing so much of the country really shaped my view of the world and how us as American's live in it.  You would think with all of the technology that the USA has access to that more efforts would be made to provide sustainable forms of energy.  This also goes to show you how powerful the lobbyists are for those certain energy companies that do occupy our country.  We consume too much without even considering the effects it has on our surroundings.  I found we as a country don't care enough and have become accustomed to this way of life way to quickly.  

Although after all the time spent in country, I do find myself having to check my language and realize that people won't actually understand or appreciate my new found broken Spanish speaking capabilities.  Overall, it was an eye opening trip that I will never forget.  It's taught me so much intellectually as well as personally.  I'm definitely looking forward to another great adventure!