Day 4: Country Branding

When two countries are negotiating a trade agreement having a well developed and well perceived country brand can be of significant importance.  Knowing what I know now about Costa Rica, it will definitely influence my decision on product selection in the future consumer purchases. If the brand is able to become fully developed into, almost a household name, and is perceived by everyone the same way we perceive it, this will ultimately increase sales on Costa Rica products which will of course increase the amount of importing the other country will have to participate in. Furthermore, this type of information would definitely come into play when negotiating a trade agreement with other countries. If a brand is strong enough, it very well could make a significant impact on trade agreement negotiations to be settled or passed over.

If i were to develop a state brand for Louisiana, it would be Louisiana Lagniappe!  Aside from a lack of white sand beaches, Louisiana can offer a tourist endless opportunities of travel activities and then some (hence the lagniappe).  Between the many different types of cuisine we have to offer along with our French heritage, Louisiana has so much more to offer that's not nationally known.  We are known for being a Sportsman's paradise, but Louisiana also offers a rich heritage from a melting pot of ancestors who've made this state what it is today, This is evident by our different music choices displayed by the different regions of the state (i.e. Jazz in New Orleans and Zydeco for Southwest Louisiana). The state will even offer a lagniappe amount of humidity as well! Overall, branding the state as "extra" would entice the public to want to learn more about Louisiana.